Identify and evaluate various futures and options alternatives to achieve your investment aims. Investor strategies commonly include commodity cash and carry trades, portfolio hedging, and targeting specific risk exposures.

Investor hedging requirements are numerous as there are investors and market conditions. These might include generating a yield with a cash and carry trade, isolating a specific aspect of risk, or a view an investor is looking to express. We can help investors identify and evaluate various futures and options alternatives to achieve these aims. If you’d like to explore cash and carry alternatives in the current market, or discuss how to hedge risks specific to your portfolio let’s talk.

Cash and carry as a yield alternative:
  • Cash and carry is a popular pair trade involving buying a physical commodity and also selling futures on the same commodity.
  • It is an arbitrage strategy where the investor aims to capture the positive slope, or contango, in a futures term structure.
  • When effective, it generates a yield for the investor as the price of the futures sold converges with the spot price of the physical commodity as the futures contract maturity nears prompt.
  • Cash and carry trades aim to help eliminate exposure to the price of the commodity, and generate a yield.
  • For some investors, there may be tax advantages to a cash and carry yield compared to earning interest.

Other investor hedging scenarios:
  • An investor owns shares in several mining companies which she believes are particularly good operators. She wants exposure to these miners, and the commodities they produce, but believes copper is currently overpriced. The investor consequently uses a short copper futures position to hedge that one component of an investment she otherwise likes.
  • An investor owns a portfolio of new home construction companies. The investor believes that the sales at these companies will remain strong unless interest rates rise by more than a specific amount. If rates do rise beyond that point, the investor expects fewer homes will be sold and the companies’ value will suffer. The investor buys options on interest rate futures to hedge this potential outcome.

A Yield Alternative - The Cash and Carry Trade

The cash and carry trade is a powerful yield alternative for investors. Learn to use contango in commodity markets to generate yield in your portfolio.

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